ROM Toolbox Pro APK Lite Cracked Free Download

ROM Toolbox Pro is a proper toolbox for Android users. Inside you’ll find a ROM manager, an app manager, and a wide variety of additional features in rom toolbox pro apk.

ROM Toolbox Pro’s main function is precisely what its name suggests: installing, uninstalling, and managing ROMs on your android phone. But it’s not the only thing this app can do.

Another very interesting feature is its app manager, which lets you do much more than just erase an app. You can also explore the APK, clear the cache, convert it into system apps, and much more.

rom toolbox pro apk for android

With this ROM toolbox lite android apk, you can activate and deactivate different options that can improve the performance of your Android. You can overclock or underlock your device to make it more powerful. Also, you can make the battery last longer, depending on your preferences.

And if the manager and performance tools weren’t enough for your demand, ROM Toolbox Lite also includes a series of options for customizing your device’s interface. You can change the operating system font. And it’s all real and simple to do.

ROM Toolbox Pro is an excellent tool for users with root smartphones. By using this app you can actually take control of your Android. This means if you know what you’re doing before you install the app, you can get known about its benefits. You can BUY the app from Play Store.

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This is the most used android app and people like you always looking rom toolbox apk for free with the best features:

  • ROM Management.
  • You can install ROMs & themes from a growing list of ROMs.
  • AOKP and other popular ROMs are included.
  • Create, manage & restore android backups.
  • Wipe data, cache,
  • Dalvik-cache,
  • battery stats.
  • Also, install multiple ROMs & ZIPs from your SD card.

App Manager

  • Batch backup & restore apps and their data in android.
  • Schedule backups
  • Restore apps from android backups
  • Backup/Restore text messages.
  • You can backup your apps to Dropbox.
  • Freeze/Defrost system
  • Backup/restore Android Market
  • Task manager
  • Automated batch uninstaller
  • E-mail your apps
  • You can move any apps to your SD card
  • Clean up Dalvik-cache
  • In these apps you can, Zipalign, fix permissions, wipe data & cache, and force close any app.


ROM Toolbox Root Explorer:

  1. You can access the whole of android’s file system (including the elusive data folder!) on your android device.
  2. Copy/paste, zip, tar, delete or move any file or folder
  3. Change file permissions and ownership
  4. View, edit & share files
  5. There are file managers with two panels for easier management

Scripter & Terminal Emulator:

  • Create and run scripts as root
  • Set your scripts to run at boot

Auto Start Manager:

  • Enable/disable apps that run on start-up
  • You can also enable/disable any broadcast receiver, activity, or service


  • Reboot recovery, power down, bootloader, restart status bar, etc.

ROM Toolbox Font Installer 

  • You can install custom fonts from a huge list or from your sd card by using ROM toolbox pro apk
  • Also, can set fonts as favorites & send them to friends

Boot Animation Installer

  1. With this app, you can install custom boot animations from a huge collection or from your sd card
  2. Preview boot animations
  3. Can create a boot animation from a GIF file with this app.
  4. This app has a new random boot animation each time you boot up!

ROM Toolbox Pro Theme Manager & Status Bar Icon Changer

  • Create and install full themes (MetaMorph compatible)
  • You can customize your status bar by installing custom icons for wifi, signal, GPS, etc with rom toolbox pro apk.
  • Also, anytime you can change your battery icons in the status bar to a custom one from a list of 200+

Boot Logo Changer

  • Change your boot logo for supported phones

Theme Chooser Themes


  1. SetCPU & scaling governor
  2. CPU Profiles
  3. Kernel tweaks to speed up performance

Build Editor with ROM Toolbox APK Pro

  • Easily edit your build.prop
  • To increase the performance of battery life, you can change LCD density.

Auto Memory Manager

  • Set free values & select from presets. Apply values at boot

ROM Toolbox Pro Apk is one of the best toolboxes for Android. In this app, you’ll find a ROM manager, and an app manager.