Mafia City Mod Apk Latest v1.6.222  Free Download

Mafia city mod apk is a chance to be a gangster in the virtual world. Honestly saying that everybody wants to have the power of a mafia in the deep of his heart.

We know to be a mafia is illegal in the real world. The game gives you the chance to be a mafia as well as a gangster. What if, you could be a godfather of the gang? I think it will be a dashing personality that you are leading the game.

Being a fighting game, already it is leading the gaming world. The dashing look of the interface and lifelike graphics have made the game crazier. I think the game lovers will shout once again hearing the latest features of the mod version of the game.

mafia city mod apk

Generally, the mafia city mod is the hack or cheat version of the original game app Mafia City. You will get unlimited opportunities for playing the game in this version. See the amazing features and specifications of the mod version of the app. I have included the download link also.

Note: Try to play orginal Mafia City Game because it can give you more pleasure and happiness also you can enjoy the game!

MOD & APK are using only for FUN! All the creadit goes to Respective owner!

Feature of Mafia City Mod

  • You will get unlimited money which you can use to upgrade a weapon or player as well.
  • The mod version will provide you with unlimited gold.
  • The app is free of cost for everyone.
  • The user interfaces to too friendly that anybody can play the game.
  • You are getting the premium looks and facilities of the app without any costs.
  • You need not root your device to install the app.
  • IOS users need not jailbreak the device to install the app.
  • You can play unlimited time the game without the fear of a ban.
  • You can customize the option and control as you will.

Requirements To Download

Hopefully, you can download and install the app on your IOS and Android devices both. See the requirements you need to fill up.

  • Latest IOS version for the IOS users.
  • Android users must have at least the Android 4.00 version on the device.
  • Good internet connection.
  • Enough storage to download and install the game.
  • In the case of ram, you need 2GB ram to function the game properly.

How to Download & Install?

This is a third-party app that’s why you cannot find the app in the Google Play Store or App Store. You can download the app by clicking on the download link below or following the instruction.

  1. Go to your device browser and type Mafia City Mod apk.
  2. Tap on the latest version to begin downloading.
  3. Make sure that your unknown source is allowed to install the third-party app.
  4. Now go to the file manager and find the downloaded app.
  5. Tap on the app to begin the installation.
  6. It may ask for some permission just allow them.
  7. Enjoy the app.

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Army Men Strike Mod Apk Free Download

Army men strike mod apk is a very childish game for everyone. I swear that you play the game in your childhood with toys of plastic. So, you know how interesting the game is.

Now you are getting those toys with real powers that can fly, walk, run, and fire at your command. It is very normal to be excited about playing the game.

The battlefield, living room, kitchen, house, in front of the house, the open field, and other places have made the game more realistic. Surprisingly, this mod version of the game is providing you with some special service.

army men strike mod apk

I know nobody can get back to his or her childhood but can get the childish pleasure of being an adult. Army men strike apk allows you to fill the unfinished war of your childhood.

On the other hand, the amazing solder, snipers, machines, robots, flamethrowers, and other artilleries have made the game an enjoyable one.

Feature of Army Strike Apk

  • The most amazing feature of the game is its naturalness.
  • You will get unlimited gold by using this mod version.
  • You don’t need to root your phone to install the app into your device.
  • IOS users need not jailbreak their phones.
  • You can build you headquarter in your bedroom.
  • Use your money box as the treasury which is very essential to upgrade the soldiers.
  • You can design your army as you will without any disturbance. You can require super armies on your battlefield.
  • You can upgrade your green solder with the free money you are getting from the cheat version.
  • You are getting four new commanding positions in the new app.
  • The interface is redesigned with more attractive graphics.

Requirements to Download

You have to have a little bit of requirement to install the amazing game. You can play the game on your IOS and Android devices as well.

  • You need to upgrade the IOS version for your IOS device.
  • For an Android device, your device must have at least an Android 4.00 version.
  • Good internet connection to play the game smoothly.
  • Enough space to download and install the game.

How to download & Install?

As this is a third-party app, you have to download the game from unknown sources. Simply, you can download the game from the download link below or You can download it from Google Play Store:

  1. Go to your device search option and write the army men strike mod.
  2. You will find many results. Just click on the latest version of the app.
  3. Make sure that your third party or unknown source is allowed to install.
  4. Now go to the file manager and find the downloaded app.
  5. Just tap on the file to install.
  6. It may ask for some permission. Just allow all the permission.
  7. Enjoy the game.

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Ludo King Mod Apk Latest Version Free Download

Ludo king mod apk is the mod version of the original app ludo king. Already you have got the idea that this board game is a tremendous one. You will hardly find someone who does not play the game.

Thinking of the portion of its popularity, the game developers have developed a mod version of the app. Ludo king apk mod’s latest version enables you to have the pleasure of the paid version.

NameLudo King™
Current Version6.9.0.220
UpdatedApril 22, 2022
Requires Android4.1 and up

A lot of things are upgraded in the mod version. As it is a mod version of the app, you are getting ludo king mod apk always win blue. You just need to know how to win blue. The new interface of the app is very easy to use and friendly for everyone.

Let’s see the features and specifications of the amazing game below. You will be happy getting the download and install method that I have included below.

Feature of Ludo King Mod Latest Version

ludo king mod apk latest version
  • You are getting unlimited money from the hack version of the app.
  • You will get hack sixer free of cost.
  • The game looks like a premium version so it is ad-free.
  • The mod version is free of cost.
  • The online multiplayer mood is very much interesting.
  • No bugs or problems in the new app.
  • You will have a daily bonus just by opening the app.
  • The interface is so easy and user-friendly.
  • This mod version is so smart that it cannot be banned for cheating.
  • You will get unlimited coins, gold, money, and gifts through the app.
  • There is a little requirement for installing the app.
  • Unlimited six by just one click.
  • You can download the game app from the download link below without any cost.


This is an Android game so you must have an Android device at first. See the other requirements below.

  • You must have the Android 4.0 version on your device.
  • You need a good internet connection to play online.
  • Finally, your device must have enough storage to install the game.

How to Download & Install Ludo King Mod 2022 APK

This is a third-party app that you cannot get in the Google Play Store. Simply you can download the app from the download link below. If you want to download the app from another source follow the instruction below:

  1. Go to your device browser and type Ludo King mod version.
  2. You will find many results. Just click on the latest version of the app.
  3. Go to the device setting and allow a third party or unknown source. Otherwise, you cannot install the app.
  4. Now go to the file manager and find the downloaded game file.
  5. Just click on the file to begin the installation.
  6. It will ask for some permission. Allow them all.
  7. Enjoy the amazing app.

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Blades of Brim Mod Apk Latest v2.7.6 Hack Free Download

Blades of brim mod apk have become a must-have game in almost everyone’s handset. The game is very interesting with an amazing goal. I think nobody is bored playing the game for these 7 years.

There is a hidden reason for becoming such a level of popular. The reason is that the maker of the game is the developer who developed the subway surfer.

You know that subway surfer is a very popular game in the virtual world. You will find very few people who did not play subway surfer for once. Blades of Brim Apk hack version is also available for everyone.

NameBlades of Brim
Current Version2.19.14 
UpdatedJune 27, 2022
Requires Android4.0.3 and up
Offered By SYBO Games

You must ensure the safety of your ID. Blades of brim mod apk cheat version has become a popular one just because it has the premium facilities of the app.  See the amazing features of the game you are getting just after installing it into your phone.

Feature of Blades of Brim MOD

Blades of brim mod apk

The most valuable feature of the app is that the game is made by the developer who made the amazing game subway surfer.

  • It has a stunning interface that attracts people mostly.
  • The game is very easy to play and throws interesting challenges to you which you need to fill up.
  • The other options and categories of the game are so clear to understand.
  • You are getting the app in the Google Play Store. So there is no problem downloading the app on your phone.
  • You will have the premium version of the app also with a premium look. It costs only a few dollars for a certain period of time.
  • The free app is also very much known to general users.
  • You can download the game from the download the link below.
  • Enjoy the game.


This is an Android game. The Android user will enjoy the game easily.

  1. You need an Android device or phone
  2. The device must have at least an Android 4.0 version to function properly.
  3. If you have more than 2 GB ram, it will serve better performance when you play the game.
  4. You must a good internet connection to get free gifts from the game authority.

How to Download & Install Blades of Brim Apk Mod

You can download the game from the Google Play store easily. Next, you can download the game from the download link below. If you want to download the mod version of the original app, follow the instruction below:

  • Go to the device search bar and write Blades of Brim Mod apk.
  • You will see many results. just pick the latest one.
  • It will start downloading automatically.
  • Check whether your unknown source is allowed or not. If not go to the setting and allow the unknown source.
  • Just click on the downloaded file to begin the installation.

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Download Deezer++ For IOS and Android With Latest Version APK

Already you have used the Deezer app, right? Deezer is very well-known for music streaming in European countries. If you used both the free version and the premium version, you know better the comparison between these two. Deezer++ is the tweaked version of the original app Deezer. It is totally customized with new features which you would find in the premium app.

Just chill: Deezer plus will enable you to stream music without any cost with the feeling of a premium package. Deezer app will entertain you with the gorgeous interface also. On the other hand, Deezer IPA enables you to create a playlist that is very useful for music lovers.

Note: deezer++ ios provides to install this music streaming app without any jailbreak. Deezer plus ios 11 users also can involve with their favorite music anywhere. Deezer++ ios 12 needs not to buy the Deezer plus repo to stream music.

Download Deezer++ for iOS and Android

Deezer++ App Specification:

Enhance your experience of listening to music with the extraordinary specification of the Deezer ios app.

You are getting a premium type app without any cost.

  1. It has a good-looking interface that may attract you.
  2. Deezer IPA enables you to make a playlist.
  3. You will have more than 50 million tracks on this apk.
  4. You can download and stream at the same time.
  5. Deezer Plus Android is very easy to use.
  6. As it is a third-party app, it needs permission to install.
  7. You can customize the app control system as your choice.
  8. Enjoy HD sound quality at any track of Deezer++ ios.

Android Features Of Deezer Plus Plus:

Read the features carefully to know the apk better. I have written all the realistic features of the Deezer plus IPA.

  1. This app is totally free of cost.
  2. You can download the app from anywhere.
  3. As a third-party app, you cannot find it on the google play store and IOS store.
  4. Very easy to navigate the app.
  5. iOS users do not need to jailbreak their devices.
  6. No boundary line of numbers of music.
  7. Deezer plus IPA is a modified app from the original Deezer app. Therefore it is an original apk of the same company.
  8. No deadline for listening to music so you could listen to music anytime 24 hours 7 days.
  9. You are having a premium look on the surface of Deezer plus.
  10. You will have more than 50 million tracks.
  11. Option to skip unlimited songs.
  12. Having one account you can use it on multiple devices.

Why do I like Deezer Android Apk?

There are some specific reasons and features that are very much attracted to me. I really enjoy the apk enormously. My reasons for choosing this app among the other related apps are given below:

Deezer++ Android

Interface: It has a stunning interface that is very much attractive to look at. The interface shows all the options to navigate the apk smoothly. I must say that anybody can use the app even if he or she sees it for the first time.

Using: The interface is the main feature of the apk. You would find all the controlling options on the surface of the installed app.  

Costing: Deezer plus music streaming apk is totally free of cost. This is a major issue in choosing this apk. On the other hand, other related apps take the cost for surging tracks.

Requirement: It has a very little requirement to be installed. I must say moreover all the smart devices could run this apk easily. I run this app on my IOS device with just a single account. You can use the app on multiple devices with just one account.

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Fake GPS Apk Pro Free Download for Android Location Spoofer

Fake GPS APK is one of the best spoofing apps available out there in the play store. The app managed to get a rating of 4.4 out of 5 even with the app being downloaded over 10 million times. The app is used for Location Spoofing- A.K.A for showing different locations other than the real one the user is in according to the user’s preferences.

Whether you want to use it for development purposes (Stimulate locations that are far away and thus very hard to visit) or simply you want to cheat (No pun intended, cheating in games, not real life), the app comes quite handy. One of the best uses of the app can be made when playing Pokémon go.

As Pokémon GO is a location-based AR game, most of the gameplay depends on moving out of the house and walking, which can be quite annoying and trouble, especially since the weather outside isn’t favorable.

Again, the area where you live might not be a good nest for Pokémon and there may not be adequate Poke-Stops. Or u want to take part in a special event which might never occur in your area. In all of the above-mentioned cases, the Fake GPS Pro Apk can play quite a significant role in aiding the situation.

free download fake gps apk

Features of Fake GPS Location Spoofer APK

Trick your friends by letting them know where you are while you are seriously not! Make them enchanted by making them believe your presence to be a house at all times! Following is the list of features Fake GPS can provide you with:

  • It can relocate the mode of place
  • You have the choice to include any type of area you want to show off.
  • It takes care of area setting mode on its own.
  • Fake GPS Location is capable of navigating any type of place simply using “Coordinates Search” or “Google Search.”
  • It has the capability of taking a trip to any corner of the world with an on-screen mode.
  • Can quickly relocate or re-position the on-screen Fake GPS with joystick simply by dragging.
  • Can set points on the map for the creation of routes and walking automatically.

Fake GPS Location Apk Cost:

The app spoofs location quite accurately and changing location is just 1 click away. The app, being a free one, is definitely one of the best choices to consider for all the Pokémon GO lovers out there currently. So why wait? Just get started in tricking your phone into thinking that it is somewhere else.

Download Fake GPS APK for Android:

Before getting started downloading the app check out whether your Android device has adequate space to support the app or not. Being sure one can proceed with downloading which is as easy as using the app.

  • Firstly, one who wants to download the app has to go to the google play store.
  • After that select, the app ‘Fake GPS’ and click the button ‘install’. Once clicked it will automatically start to download and install.
  • After getting downloaded have the patience for a couple of seconds for the app to successfully get installed on your device.
  • Finally, the app is ready to serve your purpose.


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Dragon City Apk Mod Game Latest v9.6.2 Free Download

Dragon City Game shortly become huge popularity gain of Dragon Vale, Social Point released a new social network game named Dragon City for competing with Dragon Vale. Initially, the game was only available for play on Facebook.

But a year later they released the game for iOS, and another year later for Android. Then dragon city Mod apk became quite famous very quickly among the iOS and Android gamers and every gamer can download dragon city apk 9.6.2 version for play on the phone. The gameplay is very simple and user-friendly.

Breed dragons and collect new ones, raise them and prepare them for battle. Every player gets their own island for raising their dragons and keeping them for display.

Those who are connected to social media can visit their friend’s park and can have a look at the rare collection of dragons that they have in the possession. The game is rated for 3+, meaning almost everyone can play the game.

dragon city game apk

Even with over 100 million downloads on Play Store, Dragon City Mod Apk has managed to gather a very good rating of 4.6 out 5. The best of the game is that it’s free to download. Albeit one must remember that there are in-app purchases available within the app, which will cost them real money. But nobody is forcing them to do so, are they?

Dragon City Apk Mod 9.6.2 Version Brief Info

Game NameDragon City
File TypeAPK & Mod APK
Current Version9.6.2
Size102 MB
Last UpdatedApril 2, 2022
Android4.1 and up
Developer & Offered BySocial Point

System Requirements to Play Dragon City Game Mod APK:

The requirements of the game aren’t that high. One can play the game smoothly on even the budget offerings, as the game isn’t graphically intensive.

  • It needs the device of Android 4.1 or higher
  • Requires at least 1 GB of ram or higher
  • 102 MB of free internal storage in the device.
dragon city game apk

Features of Dragon City Apk Mod 9.6.2:

  • You can enjoy the thrill of fighting against the alternative Dragon Masters in presentable territories to gather distinguished Dragons and as well as the experience of climbing up the leaderboards.
  • After completing the Dragon Book you will find square measures where you have to breed and collect over five hundreds dragons.
  • You can challenge yourself at different dragon tournaments.
  • Also, you have the opportunity to build a beautiful town on fantasy for alternative players to imagine whenever they visit you.
  • Each week new dragons are made part of speech through special islands and breeding events.
  • It will turn into a social being by facilitating your friends with a regular visit and also by sending gifts.
  • Just like the ancient world, Dragon city apk has the Unlock advanced options
  • Just like the Ancient World and therefore the Guardian Dragons.

What’s New in Dragon City Apk Mod:

  • You can chase the thief Dragon with more enthusiasm.
  • It’s time to celebrate the vacations in the city full of Dragons.
  • The grand comeback of the dual dragons event with a replacement to try different and exclusives one.
  • New time-limited time ways have been set for the illusion island that may take to associate in aiding exclusive islands.
  • Dragon City Mod APK 9.6.2 Version Free Download


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ePSXe Apk For Android Latest Version Free Download

ePSXe APK for Android is a great Playstation emulator. Play Station is one of the most famous gaming consoles to date. The latest iteration of the Play station lineup, the Play Station 4 Pro has become quite famous in a short period.

The spiritual predecessor to the Play Station 4 Pro, the Play Station X, still remains one of the classic gaming consoles of history. Released back in 2003, the Play Station X was among the best consoles of that time.

The console has been withdrawn from production by Sony a long time ago. In this era of Ultra High Graphic games, a lot of Hard Core gamers still love the classic console from deep within.

epsxe apk for android

Although the console is next to impossible to find today, die-hard lovers of the PSX can get their hands on the mesmerizing games that the console offered using their Android smartphone or android emulator. Yes, this is not a fantasy, neither is it a dream.

ePSXe Emulator Apk Latest Version Features

The epsxe emulator apk is small and can even run smoothly on the tightest budget hardware. Those who are interested can get their hands on the app directly from the Google Play Store, or sideload the app using an APK file, though the latter process is heavily discouraged due to the app being a paid one.

Following are some of the main features of ePSXe Emulator

  • It has added the support of shades.
  • This app has added support for Sub-pixel precision to hw
  • It has added 2D-Filters such as 2xSAI and xBRZx2/4
  • This app enables auto Vibration mode on player 1
  • Many more amazing features to gaze at.

Requirements to Use ePSXe for android

epsxe apk for android

The requirements for the app is the bare minimum. The requirements for the app are as follows-

  • It needs Android 2.2 Froyo or higher
  • ARM v7/X86 based processor or higher
  • At least 512MB for smooth functioning.
  • Needs 25MB of free internal storage
  • It has multi-Touch support.


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Mobogenie APK Latest Version Free Download

Mobogenie Apk provides an app market whether desktop or mobile to download a huge variety of apps for the Android and Windows operating systems. Its an alternative app market for Google Play specially designed for Android Smartphone.

By using this app you can manage, backup and restore from your PC all-important data in your phone. This app provides daily picks personalized recommendation organizational features and of course a fairly wide library!

Sometimes we can not find some app in the play store. Mobogenie market apk can help with this problem.

If you want to store your all mobile data like image, music, video and all other content in personal computer and restore it when it needed, the mobogenie app download apk v3.2.17.2 will be the best solution for it.

download mobogenie apk

Sometimes you have to reset your mobile or flash it. So you need to back up your mobile data on a personal computer. Mobogenie app can help you for this purpose.

If you getting trouble for managing your contact list, Mobogenie will be very helpful for you. You can manage your contact, message by a personal computer using mobogenie market apk.

You can download videos, music, and photos from the internet by using the mobogenie app store. This is a very useful application for managing this data. Choose the best music and video to your android mobile.

Mobogenie Provides You:

● High-quality recommendation
● Available for multiple platforms
● Great for 2G/3G usage.

This a platform where desktop and mobile can get there desired apps. The app combines its editor’s choices. It helps sort and manage your apps too. Mobogenie is a well-made software which acts as a gateway to other apps. Compared to Google or Amazons this app store is lower but some of its features are awesome.


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Happy Wheels Apk Latest Version Free Download

Happy Wheels APK is an arcade game, you have to go through an obstacle course that is full of jumps, spinning wheels and death traps. In happy wheels android, characters available for Fancy Force developed this game. Lately, Jim Bonacci developed this game in 2010. picking up like- Businessman or wheelchair person.

The character named irresponsible dad has a child on his bicycle that can be injured too in cases. If you want to play fluently without any interruption with pop up ads, then you have to buy their premium packs. The best side of this game is all the level of this game is open from the beginning point.

When we hear the name, it seems like the game will be of a talking car with rainbow ways and a lot of cookies or coin. But, in real-time, it is one of the goriest game I have played ever. Basically, it is a physics-focused game that is broken apart into several levels and each level has different characters. The seaway is full of deadly traps and there are almost 15 levels found in the game.

download happy wheels apk

This game challenges your tolerance level and enhances your problem-solving skills. But this game isn’t appropriate for kids, rather I suggest it to teen or adults.

Because there is pretty much violence exist that is tough for kids. Though people may think its a silly game that can have no effect, I personally prefer to be kids stay away because even graphical fake injury can affect a kid’s soft mind.

Happy Wheels Apk Latest Version Features

It’s a side-scrolling game that refers to a journey full of obstacles, billion people are playing it online and on mobile devices. There are key features:

  • 15 exclusive and challenging levels
  • Several death traps like spikes, harpoons and much more
  • Physics-based concept
  • 6 characters with unique features
  • Option available for creating own level.
  • It can be played offline.


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