Happy Wheels Apk Latest Version Free Download

Happy Wheels APK is an arcade game, you have to go through an obstacle course that is full of jumps, spinning wheels and death traps. In happy wheels android, characters available for Fancy Force developed this game. Lately, Jim Bonacci developed this game in 2010. picking up like- Businessman or wheelchair person.

The character named irresponsible dad has a child on his bicycle that can be injured too in cases. If you want to play fluently without any interruption with pop up ads, then you have to buy their premium packs. The best side of this game is all the level of this game is open from the beginning point.

When we hear the name, it seems like the game will be of a talking car with rainbow ways and a lot of cookies or coin. But, in real-time, it is one of the goriest game I have played ever. Basically, it is a physics-focused game that is broken apart into several levels and each level has different characters. The seaway is full of deadly traps and there are almost 15 levels found in the game.

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This game challenges your tolerance level and enhances your problem-solving skills. But this game isn’t appropriate for kids, rather I suggest it to teen or adults.

Because there is pretty much violence exist that is tough for kids. Though people may think its a silly game that can have no effect, I personally prefer to be kids stay away because even graphical fake injury can affect a kid’s soft mind.

Happy Wheels Apk Latest Version Features

It’s a side-scrolling game that refers to a journey full of obstacles, billion people are playing it online and on mobile devices. There are key features:

  • 15 exclusive and challenging levels
  • Several death traps like spikes, harpoons and much more
  • Physics-based concept
  • 6 characters with unique features
  • Option available for creating own level.
  • It can be played offline.


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