Fake GPS Apk Pro Free Download for Android Location Spoofer

Fake GPS APK is one of the best spoofing apps available out there in the play store. The app managed to get a rating of 4.4 out of 5 even with the app being downloaded over 10 million times. The app is used for Location Spoofing- A.K.A for showing different location other than the real one the user is in according to the user’s preferences.

Whether you want to use it for development purposes (Stimulate locations that are far away thus very hard to visit) or simply you want to cheat (No pun intended, cheating in games, not real life), the app comes quite handy. One of the best uses of the app can be made when playing Pokémon go.

As Pokémon GO is a location-based AR game, most of the gameplay depends on moving out of the house and walking, which can be quite annoying and trouble, especially the weather outside isn’t favorable.

Again, the area where you live in might not be a good nest for Pokémon’s and there may not be adequate Poke-Stops. Or u wants to take part in a special event which might never occur in your area. In all of the above-mentioned cases, the Fake GPS Pro Apk can play quite a significant role in aiding the situation.

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Features of Fake GPS Location Spoofer APK

Trick your friends by letting them know where you are while you are seriously not! Make them enchanted in making them believe your presence to be a house at all time! Following are the list of features Fake GPS can provide you with:

  • It can relocate the mode of place
  • You have the choice to include any type of area you want to show off.
  • It takes care of area setting mode by its own.
  • Fake GPS Location is capable of navigating any type of place simply using “Coordinates Search” or “Google Search.”
  • It has the capability of taking a trip to any corner of the world with an on-screen mode.
  • Can quickly relocate or re-position the on-screen Fake GPS with joystick simply by dragging.
  • Can set points on the map for the creation of route and walking automatically.

Fake GPS Location Apk Cost:

The app spoofs location quite accurately and changing location is just 1 click away. The app, being a free one, is definitely one of the best choices to consider for all the Pokémon GO lovers out there currently. So why wait? Just get started in tricking your phone thinking that it is somewhere else.

Download Fake GPS APK for Android:

Before getting started for downloading the app check it out whether your Android device has adequate space to support the app or not. Being sure one can proceed with downloading which is as easy as using the app.

  • Firstly, one who wants to download the app has to go to the google play store.
  • After that select, the app ‘Fake GPS’ click the button ‘install’. Once clicked it will automatically start to and download and install.
  • After getting downloaded have the patience for a couple of seconds for the app to successfully get installed on your device.
  • Finally, the app is ready to serve your purpose.


Requirements For Using Fake GPS Android APK:

  1. Android 4.0 or higher
  2. 256 MB of ram or higher
  3. 10MB of free internal storage
  4. Rooted device (For gaining access to special features)

How does this fake GPS spoofer work?

  1. First, you have to enable the developer settings on your device.
  2. After that enable mock locations in the developer options to enable mock locations.
  3. Then set your location to be ‘device only’ which enables you to use GPS location only.
  4. Finally, open the app, click on the ‘play button’. Moving the red dot anywhere you like.
fake gps apk download

Simply click on the pause button if you want to stop the fake GPS location.

Final Words

Currently, Fake GPS is one of the best looking & best featured fake location app distinguished from all the fake location apps! In this article, the features, cost & how the app works all are placed for the ones who want this amazing app to be installed in their device & amazing they’re loved by tricking their location.

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