Dream League Soccer Mod APK Download

Before you focus on the Dream League Soccer Mod APK, it does not hurt to learn a little about the game. If you think it’s just a game, keep in mind that a game is never really a game.

There are a lot of things you can rely on, where you can get inspired by the plot, character development, and so on.

With the hack generator, of course, the game will be easier and simpler, but that does not mean you should underestimate everything.

How Works DLS MOD?

  • Unlimited gold coins/silver
  • All players are unlocked and 100% evaluation
  • New players added
  • All unblocked and confirmed transfers
  • Infinite training sessions (development of players)
  • No root


If you are wondering what the purpose of the  Dream League Soccer hack mod APK 2019 is, it is to provide you with an unlimited amount of coins. As you know, most games require resources.

In this game, the resources are the coins. These are the important elements that ensure you are able to do the development and upgrade. If you want to buy players or build the stadium, you need coins.

Need an update on works for the stadium? Do you want your players to learn new skills? You will need coins.

This being said, coins have a very important role and importance. Without the coins, it would be almost impossible to upgrade. Of course, any regular game time allows you to win coins.

When you watch video clips, for example, you will get free coins. Or when you win a match, you will also be rewarded with coins.

Download dream league soccer mod apk

However, for some people, the usual means are quite slow and tedious. Do you really have time to watch video clips?

Are you sure that you will always win the match successfully to win the coins? If most of your answers are not, you will need the Dream League Soccer hack apk.

About Dream League Soccer:

The game began in 2016 when the gambling establishment received a rather positive welcome and acceptance from the players. The 2022 version is the update, a continuation of the 2016 type.

Of course, being the updated game version means that this game has undergone a lot of updates and improvements.

Does this mean that things are better? Of course, this is the case. Does this mean that you can enjoy the different features? Yes.

Of course, this is the case. Does this mean that you can enjoy the different features? Yes.

Game NameDream League Soccer 2022 (DLS)
SizeMOD 72 MB & OBB 321 MB
UpdatedApril 19, 2022
Current Version9.12
Android Version4.4 and up
DeveloperFirst Touch Games Ltd.
Interface LanguageEnglish



This football game simulator (the latest version) offers a free game mode, giving you total control over the management and direction of your own football team to win.

The gameplay is clearly improving and the graphics are improving. Aside from adding to the game feature, you can also expect improvements.

Expect new things like multiplayer chat, the ability to build and edit the stadium, the online and offline multiplayer system, AI smart technology, Facebook connect, rankings, and Google Play login, as well as instant registration.

DLS GamePlay:

So, what’s the big idea of the basic game play, anyway? Well, if you are familiar with the football game and its system, playing this game should be easy because you already understand the policies.

In the game, you will be responsible for Dream FC, your own team. Your goal is to get your team to finish in six-match divisions.

Of course, you will start from the lower division. Whenever you win, you will get a higher rank and you can move to the top division.

Everything is under your control. You must access the players to be able to create your team with the options. It’s up to you to choose the player you want and develop the team as you wish.

Download dream league soccer DLS mod apk

In addition to building and developing a team, you are also responsible for naming the team.

You must also design a special logo and kit and then name the right captain. It’s basically a game based on strategy.

When you enter and win the game, your team will not only get rewards, but also a celebrity – which is important in this sports industry.

Winning Elements:

One of the biggest benefits of having this game is that it is available on regular smartphone platforms, such as iOS and Android. It is also free, although some of the updates may require you to spend extra money.

Based on the developer’s claim, the game is made better and more responsive.

You are free to recruit the real licensed FIF Pro superstars and create your own disposition management (and arrangement) that will support your development plan.

You can also build your stadium and win Stardom football. If you do everything right, winning glory and success should not be difficult.

Important Highlights

What are the expected highlights and features of the game?

  1. First of all, it’s always nice to have access to a free game, which means you do not need to spend a dime for anything. However,
  2. When you are in a hurry and want to upgrade your gaming account, you may consider buying the extension or additional items.
  3. The idea of winning contests is to win coins. You can earn coins during the game. If there are times when you are encouraged to watch videos, you can also earn coins, although you may need to spend more time doing this. If you do not mind spending money, you can buy coin packs, with price tags ranging from $ 2 to $ 20.
  4. The game uses mobile or WiFi data for commercials and downloadable game content. If you want to disable the use of mobile data, do not hesitate to do so. Go to the Settings section and choose Mobile Data.
  5. Unfortunately, the game contains ads from a third-party developer. In case you buy the game currency of the store, the ads will be disabled. If not, then do not be surprised or annoyed if you see the ads again and again.


Before learning how to use the 2019 Dream League Soccer hack tutorial, it would be wise to know (and also understand) the basic idea and concept of the game itself.

This game is developed with the idea to create a real platform and experience for those who want to manage their own football team.

Have you ever had a dream where you can be the boss and have control over everything? Consider your wish come true with this game.

What’s cool is that the game uses real names and real players. Have you ever wanted to work with Gareth Bale? What about the signing of a contract with Andrés Iniesta?

You should be able to deal with world-class superstar football celebrities – at least in your own game. You can really create your own dream team.

Have fun with perfect style, perfect training, and your own agenda. If you want to take the elite division, you should be able to eliminate everything (and everyone) lying in your way.

Another feature to appreciate is the realistic gaming experience. AI technology will try to outdo you. You should be prepared for this.

With the combination of realistic animation, and a better visual and dynamic game, this game will be the perfect game for you.

It is both able to capture the essence of the game while entertaining you (and pampering yourself) along the way.

You will also feel like becoming global. After all, you develop a team for a reason, and one of the goals is to bring it to a world-class platform.

Do you have what it takes to prove a point? Will you be able to take your team to the world ranks?

Advice to Play DLS:

In most cases, using the Dream League Soccer game mod apk (DLS MOD APK 6.13 Download) once a day should be enough – you already have enough resources for the game.

Smart players say they use hacking once in a few days or even once a week. They do not become greedy by abusing the tool because they know it can make people suspicious.

If you do not want to be banned from the game, it would be wise to use the tool only several times a week. The key word is: do not be greedy.