Dragon City Apk Mod Game Latest v9.6.2 Free Download

Dragon City Game shortly become huge popularity gain of Dragon Vale, Social Point released a new social network game named Dragon City for competing with Dragon Vale. Initially, the game was only available for play on Facebook.

But a year later they released the game for iOS, and another year later for Android. Then dragon city Mod apk became quite famous very quickly among the iOS and Android gamers and every gamer can download dragon city apk 9.6.2 version for play on the phone. The gameplay is very simple and user-friendly.

Breed dragons and collect new ones, raise them and prepare them for battle. Every player gets their own island for raising their dragons and keeping them for display.

Those who are connected to social media can visit their friend’s park and can have a look at the rare collection of dragons that they have in the possession. The game is rated for 3+, meaning almost everyone can play the game.

dragon city game apk

Even with over 100 million downloads on Play Store, Dragon City Mod Apk has managed to gather a very good rating of 4.6 out 5. The best of the game is that it’s free to download. Albeit one must remember that there are in-app purchases available within the app, which will cost them real money. But nobody is forcing them to do so, are they?

Dragon City Apk Mod 9.6.2 Version Brief Info

Game NameDragon City
File TypeAPK & Mod APK
Current Version9.6.2
Size102 MB
Last UpdatedApril 2, 2022
Android4.1 and up
Developer & Offered BySocial Point

System Requirements to Play Dragon City Game Mod APK:

The requirements of the game aren’t that high. One can play the game smoothly on even the budget offerings, as the game isn’t graphically intensive.

  • It needs the device of Android 4.1 or higher
  • Requires at least 1 GB of ram or higher
  • 102 MB of free internal storage in the device.
dragon city game apk

Features of Dragon City Apk Mod 9.6.2:

  • You can enjoy the thrill of fighting against the alternative Dragon Masters in presentable territories to gather distinguished Dragons and as well as the experience of climbing up the leaderboards.
  • After completing the Dragon Book you will find square measures where you have to breed and collect over five hundreds dragons.
  • You can challenge yourself at different dragon tournaments.
  • Also, you have the opportunity to build a beautiful town on fantasy for alternative players to imagine whenever they visit you.
  • Each week new dragons are made part of speech through special islands and breeding events.
  • It will turn into a social being by facilitating your friends with a regular visit and also by sending gifts.
  • Just like the ancient world, Dragon city apk has the Unlock advanced options
  • Just like the Ancient World and therefore the Guardian Dragons.

What’s New in Dragon City Apk Mod:

  • You can chase the thief Dragon with more enthusiasm.
  • It’s time to celebrate the vacations in the city full of Dragons.
  • The grand comeback of the dual dragons event with a replacement to try different and exclusives one.
  • New time-limited time ways have been set for the illusion island that may take to associate in aiding exclusive islands.
  • Dragon City Mod APK 9.6.2 Version Free Download


What Your Parents Should Take Care Of:

Dragon City is a game where the players raise dragons. Your parents need to know that: You feed the dragons, breed them and build them habitats as well as fight for them against other dragons. It should be well acquainted by your parents that you can also connect through Game Center, Facebook, or Google Play to visit your friends’ dragon cities to give or sell resources.

To Play Dragon City Game Need Permissions:

This game app has access to:


  • Read the contents of your USB storage
  • Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage


  • Can read the contents of your USB storage
  • Also, modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

WiFi connection information

  • Can view Wi-Fi connections


  • You can receive data from the Internet
  • Can view network connections
  • Dragon City Apk has full network access
  • This game can control vibration

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How To Earn Gold in Dragon City Game?

In every game, you will find treasure, money, coin, etc as a media of exchange by which you can modify your game. Like that Gold is the currency of dragon city game. The more gold you have the more you can modify the game.

Here I will show you how to earn more gold in Dragon City game.

The first secret is that the more you open the game the more gold you will earn. Though you cannot play the game for 24 hours, you can log in into the game for quite a time. Try to open the game as much as possible.

How To Earn Gold in Dragon City Game?

Another great earning source of gold is your dragon. Try to upgrade the level of your dragon. The more strong your dragon the more gold you can earn. The way to upgrade or level up your dragon is to feed them. Try to feed your dragon so that they could achieve the top level.

Upgrade your habitats as soon as possible. To upgrade just go to habitats and tap to upgrade. Upgrading habitats helps you to earn more dragon which will be more potential to earn gold.

As a Dragon City player, you know breeding is the essential part of the game. You have bred your dragon continuously to get eggs. Once you get the eggs tap to sell them and earn more gold. Breed regularly your dragon and get the valuable eggs. The eggs will get you more dragon as well as more gold.

How To Acquire Gems?

Gems are another currency in the game Dragon City. There are many ways to earn gems free. You know gems are the potential power of your dragon and daily activities. The easy way to acquire gems is to play the game regularly. Speed up your all activities such as breeding, things, and farmings. Do not let your builders be seated.

Gems come from the social point of the game mostly. If you play and share your activities regularly on social media then you have a chance to get gems free.

On the other hand, there is a daily calendar which shows the routine when to feed, breed, hatch, reward amount, etc. Check the calendar regularly to get to earn gems.

You would find a roulette with a chance to spin once in a day. Spin the roulette to get 50 gems free for free although you will need better luck to get the gems.

You would find Freebie island in the mobile version of the game when you will ger survey or watching option. Freebie island will offer you to survey in the various app that you just need to visit and take screenshot and.

By doing so you can earn gems with golds and other facilities. If you are free you can take the chance to watch ads to earn gold and gems.

Finally, you can earn numberless gems by playing as routine. Take part in battles, events, and other game activities. Keep playing and acquire gems.

Why Is Food Necessary?

You just need to grow food for the dragon. Remember that you are playing a real-life game with the dragon. You must think the dragon as living in the game. As a living being, Dragon needs food. Food is the only resource which is needed to level up your dragons in the game. You will have a chart or routine of food activities that will help you to know how much food you need to feed the dragon completely. Your providing food will determine how stronger your dragon will be.

You need to grow foods in the farms. There are also some other ways to get food. You may get food from dragon market, mystery eggs, by visiting your friend’s balloons, completing certain goals, by your friend’s gift, and buying gems.

Food is an essential part of your dragon. As dragons are the main character of the game you need to grow more foods.

How To Breed Dragons?

You need to breed dragons to get more dragons and it is the only way to get more dragons. You cannot measure the time firstly because the time depends on the two dragons, levels, and the dragon which is being produced. Generally, breeding is a process where you need to get together two adult dragons in the Breeding Den.

How To Breed Dragons

Remember Breading Den is the only place where the breeding procession is done.

You need to get the two different dragons measuring their level and conditions. Breeding time may vary from 30 seconds for a fire dragon to 4 days for a divine dragon. The more time it takes the rare dragon it produces.

Your dragon must reach level 4 before going to Breeding Den. Each partner must pass at least one of their elements to their offspring. You can breed any dragon with other dragons without thinking about the classification.

How to download Dragon City Mod 9.6.2 APK?

As Dragon City Mod has obtained the average popularity the game authority has allowed almost all over the world to play the interesting game. Anybody can play the mod version of the game easily. Dragon City update version has come with some new features which are really interesting to use. Don’t worry to download the game because it is easy to download.

  • If you are an android user go to your device screen.
  • Tap on the play store and write Dragon City on the search bar.
  • You can see the updated version of Dragon city apk now.
  • Just click on the latest version of dragon city app to begin download.

How to install Dragon City Mod apk 2022?

After downloading the latest version of Dragon City, it will start installing automatically in your android device.

You can download the game from other source and install by just clicking on the app.

How to get unlimited gems on dragon city game 100% Working?

As Dragon City Mod is a popular game in the present time there is an alternative way to earn unlimited gems which work 100%. You would find many hacking apps which are offering unlimited gems and golds in your game. You can choose one cheating option by reading the features of the app. Remember this could be harmful to your game.

How to get unlimited gems on dragon city game 100% Working

What Saying Gamers About Dragon City Mod Game?

Gamers have already appreciated the interface and graphics quality of the Dragon City game. Though you can think the game is weighty with size but the gamers are quite positive with the size. Finally, gamers suggest the game to enjoy a super build quality of the game with the pleasure of all ages.

Final Words for Dragon City Game for Android Users

Dragon City Apk is one of the latest crazes among the game lovers to hit the world of Facebook gaming. In this article, all the info regarding the features, requirements, permissions needed to access this game all are given for the convenient of the players who want to try this game. You can also try Swordigo Part 2 and GTA San Andreas game for enjoyment.

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