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Peggo Apk is one of the best YouTube to MP3 Converter. At present, you do not pass a day without browsing YouTube. For the regular YouTube users, it will be amazing having an app like recording YouTube.

You have observed many times that you need to wander outside. So when you are in outside you cannot connect to the internet. Peggo apk enables you to listen to your favorite song at anywhere.

Yes, through the simple peggo app you can download your favorite songs from youtube in mp3 format.

download peggo apk

This youtube to mp3 apk serves you a better experience in wandering on youtube by recording the video content. Peggo mp3 has HD audio quality system with the equalizer.

What is Peggo?

Peggo is an android app which is installed as a third party application in android or ios devices. It is a video recorder which serves you as youtube downloader.

Peggo premium apk has some distinct feature including youtube converter apk, sound controlling, interface and many more. The Peggo pro apk is a free version that can download and install anyone.


Peggo is an android app which is able to run on devices including Android, IOS, smart TV, and other smart devices.

The Peggo premium apk also know as youtube converter apk. The size of peggo downloader is 8.68 MB.

It requires android 4 to install and run. Latest peggo apk version is v2.0.8.


What do you want in a single app? You will find a verity of specification on the peggo pro apk. See the specification below:

  • Volume smoother: You can fix any kind of audio noise by this youtube to mp3 apk. If you find any kind of listening problem just clicks on the volume normalization button, it will clear itself.
  • Silence fixer: You can use this feature when you use Youtube to mp3 downloader by peggo apk. It helps you to cut the silent space at the beginning of the video.
  • High-quality mp3: Peggo mp3 has the best quality sound system. You can choose your desired quality bits 65 to 256 bits normally. Peggo youtube recorder records the best.
  • Peggo Video recorder: Peggo video recorder allows you to record HD quality video with a single click. You can change the video quality as your device required. Besides, youtube converter helps you to download just the parts of a video. Suppose, you just need some part of a video instead of the full video, you can cut the video as your required length. Peggo video recorder enables you to record up to 1080p video resolution which is called full HD video.
  • Search option: Peggo has an inbuilt search engine option which allows you to surf any content in a search engine. You just need to install it and use the search option. You know that peggo downloader is an app with a bundle of opportunities.

Is Peggo APK safe to use?

Obviously, peggo apk is totally and 100% safe to use. As a newcomer in the segment of youtube converter, its user is becoming huge day by day. So it has proved the absolute answer to safety.

Nobody can find any issue of download peggo hacked apk. You do not need to pay any personal information and data when you are using the apk.

You will have peggo pro apk free download link below which asks no personal question to download the app. On the other hand, Peggo youtube downloader is a legal application with all the certainty of law.


After installing peggo latest version apk on your device, you can find a stunning interface of the app. The app will show you how to use it. Anybody can use the app easily without any worries.

Youtube to mp3 downloader by peggo pro apk

You can follow the instruction below to the feature peggo youtube to mp3 recorder. Just follow the instruction below orderly.

  1. Go to your device home screen and tap on the installed app icon to open it
  2. Write your video content name or paste the link into the search box
  3. You may have a number of results of your written content, select your one which to download or record.
  4. Then Peggo downloader will turn you into the downloading or recording option. Here you need to select the length that how long-duration you want to record by peggo youtube downloader. You can download the full video by just clicking duration 00 to the end second.
  5. You can select remove silence and normalize option by simply click on the option.
  6. To record the mp3, just click on the blue button at the bottom of the screen written as ‘Record MP3’.
  7. To record the video you can change the resolution option through the Quality button.
  8. With you click on any one of this, it will start recording or downloading the content as MP3 or MP4.
  9. You are all set having your recorded file.

How to download?

  1. Android: The Android user can simply download the app with just clicking on the download link below. As it is a third party app you just need to enable your unknown source on. Go to setting then security then-unknown source and clink on the thick sign. Now just search on your browser and get the app.
  2. PC: PC users can the app just click on the download button where peggo app for pc is written. Do not go to play store using any android surfing application.
  3. IOS: Peggo is also usable for IOS users. IOS user can download the app from the link given below. You need to click on the IOS downloader.
  4. TV: Peggo tv apk is available here. Download latest version peggo free apk from the link below.

How to install?

Just go to your device setting, the security and enable unknown source. Now just click on the downloaded apk to run install. After a few seconds, you will have the ready peggo apk.

install peggo apk


If you are thinking to download mp3 from YouTube then peggo app apk is best for you. With this app, you can easily download youtube video or mp3 by using your smartphones or TVs.

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