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iNoty is a very well-known program for Android users that will radically transform the mobile device notification panel. Also, iNoty APK styles every panel under the iOS system.

In addition, the program converts the lock screen, allowing you to display incoming messages directly on it.

In general, we have a separate part of the already legendary launcher, which was created in order to put an operating system shell from an Apple company on a mobile smartphone with the Android system.

iNoty OS 10 android app apk

iNoty-iNotify OS 10 was developed specifically for those users who are not very suitable for the entire design of the iOS system but like the appearance of the pop-up curtains.

What do you think if you are using your Android phone, but want to use some of the features of iNoty APK? Or you cannot buy a phone 6s, but do you want an OS 10 design style?

Do you want to use Android inotify OS 11 with iPhone x style? Do you want themes for OS X on your Android phone?

Also, do you want iOS-style notification center 10 on your Android device, but you do not know what the best IOS app for Android Users is? iNoty Pro APK is the best android apps apk for you.

Download iNoty

This is a free and best app for OS 10 notifications for Android devices. With iNoty Pro APK, you will get the cool OS 10 notification center to make your Android phone have an OS notification center will have an iPhone OS 10 theme.

In addition to all of the above, the application changes the design of the notification center window from third-party programs. iNoty also recycles the very meaning of their receipt.

Now, when any installed program sends you a message, it will be displayed on the panel at the top of the display.

The meaning of this feature has also been taken over from the iOS system. Also, iNoty adopts all the character animations of “bouncing” when calling and resetting the panel.

This app is very interesting and of high quality. When installing, it independently adapts to the size and display resolution of your device.

The main negative feature that you can find from the application is that the content is paid. You can download this app from Play Store.



  • Preserving the functionality that is available in the iOS 10 series
  • Quick access to programs;
  • The bright appearance of the panel for notifications from? Phone6
  • A huge variety of service opportunities in a bright style;
  • The exact copy of the clock, as in the smartphone? Phone
  • Takes up little free memory
  • Easy setup and optimization on any mobile device
  • Comfortable work with incoming messages

As it was already understood from the description above, the application allows you to create an exact copy of the graphical interface of the notification panel from the tenth generation iOS system right on the Android smartphone screen.

Download inoty apk
Download iNoty Pro Apk

The beauty and simplicity of the world’s most famous operating system have been appreciated by a lot of users. Now anyone can join them!

Pro APK Features

  • Notification center to show when notifying you received as OS10 style.
  • Show today and information notifications.
  • Custom notification bar as OS 10 operating system with iNoty 10 styles.
  • High definition blurs wallpapers
  • Show new iNoty Apk information (title, description, icon)
  • Display date and time (day, month, year mode)
  • Calendar screen, iNoty events, informative note
  • OS10 screen lock notification support
  • Text control panel, OS Intelligent control 10
  • Notification configuration of what you want to show with Inotify OS 10
  • Customize your own OS10 iNoty
  • Display Carrier, battery percentage, connection network.
  • iNoty full version (free for all)
  • This app will show tomorrow’s event to remember what to do tomorrow.
  • iNoty 12-hour support set or 24-hour format.
  • You will see more beautiful and smooth as the theme you 10.
  • Display carrier, signal strength, and wifi signal seem OS theme 10
  • Information and display alert in the notification center as in the iPhone7.
  • Show the cent of the battery, the date of time, and a carrier wave.
  • The background blurs a simple flat design.
  • Small but powerful in size.
  • iNoty – OS 10 inotify fast fix support with turn on/off wifi, mobile data, Bluetooth, flashlight, orientation, control panel, the control center
  • Swipe down to open the notification to check to notify daily.
  • Go right, go to the left to appear notify or calendar of events for tomorrow, feature,
  • Show today and information notifications.
  • Activate for data connection
  • You can activate the vertical orientation lock
  • Activate flashlight on/off
  • Airplane mode to activate
  • Silent mode
  • Bluetooth Activate Option
  • iNoty control function
  • Activate for Wi-Fi

Use iNoty iOS 6 to 12:

  1. Activate / deactivate the 10 iNoty style
  2. Turn on the Inotify 10 icon.
  3. Enjoy your application.


Quickly understanding the user interface of the application will be easy even for a novice user. The panel for the setting is simple in navigation, please with a neat and strict graphic interior.

Installation of this apk product takes very little time and is carried out automatically.

If you have ever had to download and install the iNoty APK pro app with the “apk” format, then you will be able to cope with the download of this product as well.

If you ask how to use it, you should turn it on, select the settings you want pairing with the iPhone 6s, and at the end type in the date and time.

In order to view the incoming message, just tap your finger at the bottom of the screen.

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