ePSXe Apk For Android Latest Version Free Download

ePSXe APK for Android is a great Playstation emulator. Play Station is one of the most famous gaming consoles to date. The latest iteration of the Play station lineup, the Play Station 4 Pro has become quite famous in a short period.

The spiritual predecessor to the Play Station 4 Pro, the Play Station X, still remains one of the classic gaming consoles of history. Released back in 2003, the Play Station X was among the best consoles of that time.

The console has been withdrawn from production by Sony a long time ago. In this era of Ultra High Graphic games, a lot of Hard Core gamers still love the classic console from deep within.

epsxe apk for android

Although the console is next to impossible to find today, die-hard lovers of the PSX can get their hands on the mesmerizing games that the console offered using their Android smartphone or android emulator. Yes, this is not a fantasy, neither is it a dream.

ePSXe Emulator Apk Latest Version Features

The epsxe emulator apk is small and can even run smoothly on the tightest budget hardware. Those who are interested can get their hands on the app directly from the Google Play Store, or sideload the app using an APK file, though the latter process is heavily discouraged due to the app being a paid one.

Following are some of the main features of ePSXe Emulator

  • It has added the support of shades.
  • This app has added support for Sub-pixel precision to hw
  • It has added 2D-Filters such as 2xSAI and xBRZx2/4
  • This app enables auto Vibration mode on player 1
  • Many more amazing features to gaze at.

Requirements to Use ePSXe for android

epsxe apk for android

The requirements for the app is the bare minimum. The requirements for the app are as follows-

  • It needs Android 2.2 Froyo or higher
  • ARM v7/X86 based processor or higher
  • At least 512MB for smooth functioning.
  • Needs 25MB of free internal storage
  • It has multi-Touch support.


How to Install ePSXe on Android?

  1. First, you have to download the ePSXe latest version APK file from play store.
  2. Then after getting downloaded install the application and don’t rush into opening the application. Wait for some time and then move the downloaded app into the root.
  3. Now you can open the ePSXe emulator application.
  4. Place the game that you want to find yourself later in the folder of your memory card in any given name you desire.
  5. Well, now you are all settled to play PSI on your android device. Just click the RUN Game option.
  6. You can also use the features of saving state and load state.

Permissions :

Through ePSXe, users can emulate the PSX games straight into their Android devices- which includes Smartphones, Tablets & even Smart TVs.

This app has permission to access the following on your device :

Storage :

  • Can delete or modify the contents that lie in your USB storage.
  • Can also read the contents of that USB storage.

Media/Photos :

  • Can delete or modify the contents that lie in your USB storage.
  • Can also read the contents of that USB storage.

Other :

  1. Can check google play license
  2. Permission to pair with other Bluetooth devices
  3. Has access to the full network
  4. Can install shortcuts
  5. Can Control Vibrations
  6. Has access to Bluetooth settings

Final  Words for ePSXe Android Emulator

The ePSXe emulator app is featured with very good speed compatible with amazing HD graphics and exact sounds.

Again this app comprises with distinctive characteristics of splitting up the tab screen into two parts so that two players can smoothly play against one another. This application has very good speed, compatibility, enhanced HD graphics and accurate sounds.

ePSXe APK also comprises a unique feature of splitting up the Tab screen into two so that the two players can play against one another.

In addition to that this app has a fairly nice and comfortable interface that users can even download games not to drive, and with images stored on the device’s hard drive. Lastly, Absolutely worth the money! Easy to use, really stable, supports every load of different options and it was pretty good on-screen controls!