Apex Launcher Pro Apk Cracked Free Download

Apex Launcher Apk aids you generate a customized, speedy, and stylish as well as jazzy home screen sagacity on your Android device. It has many good functions without any ads.

Further, this is a very beneficial personalization Android app available that is available in the market suitable for your mobile phone or tablet with powerful drawer customization, dock swipe actions and many more flexible theme options.

Apex Launcher is an amazing app that has the potential to give your phone a completely different makeover. That is even after a lot of customization, Apex Launcher feels super speedy and as smooth as butter.

apex launcher pro apk to download

Usually, this Apk version that is only for the users Android Smartphone but if you want to add up the facilities in your device as well you just need to take Apex launcher pro apk.

Premium Version

The launcher regular version is free to download and use. But for those who want that extra punch may consider spending 4 bucks on the Apex Launcher Pro.

Aside from the premium features, the pro version unlocks a variety of features which the Android enthusiasts would love to use.

The version of apex launcher that is paid brags out the plethora of distinctive features that amount to nearly double in number in comparison to the features of trial version and offers you even greater customization.

That is, this pro version has the ability to overlap widgets on the home screen as well as to place widgets in the dock.

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  • Includes improved folder support such as merging folder or bulk adding etc.
  • Has powerful drawer customization’s such as folders in the drawer and sort apps in the drawer.
  • Can unread the count notifications which is provided by the free Apex Notifier extension.
  • It is convenient to use icon gestures such as swipe up & swipe down.
  • It has uplifted the options of the widget such as overlapping widgets or widgets in the dock.
  • Customized with more beautiful and additional transition effect such as a cross, accordion, etc.
  • Very simplified UI, easy to set up, looks and works great.
  • More interesting and amazing features are coming on the way.


What’s different?

Apex launcher allows you to set up gestures by letting you customize pinch-to-zoom or swipe up and down with several actions.

Further,  Apex launcher has its own tablet mode as well as many spasm settings in its free trial version. This app will give you a clean, sleek, intuitive way to set up your home page.

download apex launcher apk
  • New in icon font options
  • It has a new option of apex for the screen lock.
  • Includes progressive as well as dynamic app icons for Google Calendar.
  • It has restored the remove option in the quick actions menu.
  • The option of folder bulk and settings of icon gesture is moved into shortcut edit dialogue.
  • Apex settings icon appears in the app drawer.
  • Translations are updated.
  • Bug fixes and other improvements.


  1. Android 4.0.3 or above.
  2. At least 25MB of free internal storage.
  3. 512MB of ram or higher


The users need to allow the following permissions in order for the app to work flawlessly and gain access to all of the features-

  • Access Widget Data-For creating and displaying widgets on the home screen.
  • Application Information-For displaying warnings if other launchers are running.
  • Control Standard Launcher Functions-Control the standard launcher functions such as Vibration, Wallpaper, Status Bar, Themes and so on.
  • Network Communication-For reporting random usage or error.
  • Phone Calls-For making the voice call when the user creates direct-dial shortcuts.
  • Storage-For backing up and restoring the app settings and data for use in case of unexpected deletion.

Final Words

Apex launcher provides user’s look and feels of stock android, albeit not compromising in any kinds of customization and features.

Alongside providing a simple and clean UI, the app also does a pretty good job in holding its responsiveness and keeping touch latency to the minimum, even after applying a ton of customization’s.

Unlike a lot of the other stock android launcher’s, this one provides the users an ad-free experience so one doesn’t have to face the inconvenience of watching multiples ad’s ever so often when connected to the internet. My verdict is that those 4$’s are more than worth spending on this app.

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