Poweramp Pro APK full Version Cracked Free Download

poweramp music player apk

Poweramp Pro Apk is one of the amazing and best music players available on the Android platform. Surely this app can be termed as one of the personal favorite apps who love to play music on the smartphone.

While the app is insanely admirable by Android users, many users are not acquainted with its full capabilities. Surely Poweramp is an awesome and very powerful music player app for Android and IOS users.

This app is one stop & obviously a popular destination for all the music lovers who want something different and extra from their mobile devices. Yes, you got it right! Poweramp latest version gives you the autonomy to listen to music in your own way which comforts you.

poweramp music player apk

Poweramp Pro Music Player is fully loaded with excellent features that a music player can have. Also, this app has the best user interface involvements that make Poweramp apk full version 2021 more handy and convenient to use.


Poweramp is an android music player app specifically designed to play any audiovisual files on the android smart mobile phone. This music player app provides a graphic equalizer to improve sound quality when listening to any song or audio files.

  • Playback: You can import any audio files in poweramp music player library and you can play anytime when need. Also, you can loop playback or fast forward your audio files.
  • Playlist: With poweramp music player pro app you can create any playlist to listen or view audio music. You can import any type of audio files in your created playlist.
  • Equalizer: This is the best option in power amp player because with this system you can optimize your audio files bass and treble at the time of the listening.
  • Customization: You can customize power amp full apk appearance any time by changing themes, sound base, treble, up and down the volume and many more things.

Full Version

Poweramp full version apk is ranked as number 1 in the markets of  Android and IOS. It is the ideal music player with amazing features that make the app more charming and wanting among the users.

Here is the bundle of features that a music lover can enable by installing the Poweramp Pro Apk by using Poweramp Unlocker.

  1. Facilitates almost all music files: This latest version of Poweramp Full Version Unlocker Apk support various music file extensions like  mp3, mp4/m4a (including alac), ogg, WMA*, FLAC, wav, ape, WV, tta, mpc, and aiff.
  2. Provides Best Equalizer: Poweramp full version app gives top-ranked & excellent equalizer settings. And with these settings, you can equalize any song as per your need.
  3. Amazing UI and Themes: Though the Poweramp Full Version app itself has an eminent UI. Still, it supports various third-party and built-in themes.
  4. Gapless Music Play:  This is the difficulty that is faced while using other music players by many music lovers. Gapless music play means that one won’t need to wait much for the next song as because it gets to start immediately after the previous song stops. In other words, the time taken by the Poweramp Full Version Apk to between two songs is very low.
  5. Play Music from Mobile as well as online: One can play music from wherever you want. You can even create your own playlists to play your favorite songs.
  6. Individual & separate adjustment settings for Bass and Treble: One of the best things about Poweramp full version app is that a music lover no longer needs to mess with bass and treble settings. One can easily set Bass and Treble according to one’s need without even touching an equalizer.
  7. Prompt & Quick Library Scans: One can quickly scan the internal and external storage of his Android mobile using Poweramp Music Player.


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Snapchat++ Apk Latest Version Free Download 2021

Snapchat++ is not a new name in the virtual world. It is a social networking app especially used by the iPhone or iOS users. Generally, snapchat++ apk is just like a messenger. You can send or receive content like SMS, photos, etc.

Snapchat++ is the modified apk of the original snapchat.  Snapchat++ 2021 has come with new features such as you can edit photos and capture a direct selfie. From the many similar apps, snapchat++ ios keep the best position for its easy use.

What is Snapchat++ APK?

Snapchat++ is the tweaked apk of the original snapchat app. Mainly, the snapchatt++ ios 12 is very much known to the ios users. The app provides to give and take instant chats such as SMS, photos, content, etc. Snapchat++ android apk is modified for the Android user also so that Android users could get the pleasure of social media easily.

Snapchat++ Apk Free Download 2019

What’s New?

As snapchat++ android apk is the customized apk in social media, it has come with some amazing features. Now, one can edit selfie into the app. You can edit photos as the premium app provides. On the other hand, you can hide your chat history with just one click. If you hide the chat history or sent SMS, your receiver will not catch that you have hidden the chat.

In the snapchat++ ios 11 one more interesting thing is that you will have a security option where you will have the option to access password so that nobody can enter into your chat line.


  • All the chat history will be saved automatically in your device.
  • Snapchat++ 2021 allows you to download from the chat directly to your device.
  • A well-designed interface allows you to have a feeling of premium apk.
  • Snapchat++ android apk provides you to hide the chat history. If you want to hide targeted chat history, you can do it easily.
  • Snapchat apk 2021 version enables you to put password so that nobody can interface on your snapchat++ android.
  • You will have access to customize the interface to make easier.
  • Snapchat++ android apk helps you to hide your location so that unknown person could not access your location.

Apk Features

  1. Snapchat++ ios are redesigned from the original snapchat ios with a premium look.
  2. This is a third party apk that you cannot download from Google play store.
  3. You are getting access to use a password.
  4. Customization option to change the look, interface, and other option.
  5. You save snap directly into your device.
  6. It saves your conversation automatically.
  7. You can upload photos and videos directly from your gallery.
  8. Now you can view the snaps in the absence of your friend.
  9. You will have a mute option to hide chat and block friend.
  10. No need jailbreak for ios user to install the app.

How to get on android?

You will get snapchat++ apk free download option below the download link. Simply you can download the apk on your android device. As this is a third party apk, you have to use another apk to get and install easily. Once you install the apk, you need not use this supporting apk anymore. You can use TutuApp to install snapchat++ android version. Follow the instruction to download snapchat++ android for free.

How to get snapchat++ on android?
  1. Make sure that your third party or unknown source is on.
  2. Download TutuApp first on your android device.
  3. Now open TutuApp on your device and create a free account.
  4. Close all the pop-up and ads.
  5. Now go to the search option of the app and type snapchat++
  6. You will get many suggestions. Tap on the latest version to begin the download.
  7. Download the apk by taping on the download button. Remember once you tap on the download button it will start downloading
  8. In case of remove, you can pause downloading at the right corner of the app.
  9. Now you have the new snapchat++ android 2021.

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iLauncher Apk Latest v4.1.0 Free Download

iLauncher is one of the best & ideal suited iPhone launcher for Android that attracts you to get iOS-like UI including moves, picture packs, and other stuff. This application is not shared in the play store, get a gander at the android launcher from the deep underneath interface.

So, you can download iLauncher apk from us for free. This android launcher is clean, smooth, flat styled launcher which can instantly make your phone beautiful.

Its allusions make deals with everything generally less cranky so that you can set up parties of benefits including swipe down, swipe up, and home catch hones and many more.

Eventually, this app has even had some personalization remarkable highlights which can be used to change the material speed or to manage the desktop.

iLauncher apk for android


iLauncher 12 Apk is one of the surprising and central launchers for the home screen for your mobile that you will find nowadays. Using it, you will be amazed at experiencing smooth execution on as well as the speedier speed at your device.

Whether it is Android 4.1 i.e. Jelly Bean or any higher accumulations this launcher is open for all contraptions. This app twin in featuring the home screen style just like an iPhone. The bundle of a list of features of iLauncher app apk is:

  • It has shortcuts
  • A surface is smooth to scroll
  • Includes spotlight search and individual folder,
  • Has the ability to change each application’s name and icon
  • One can easily exit edit mode by simply pressing the back button.
  • One can easily move to the first page by pressing the back button again where normal android applications are not allowed to process home key.
  • Includes Icons that have rounded corners and gloss effects
  • Can easily uninstall apps from your home screen that are no longer in your use.
  • Has double-finger zoom which can be used to enable hide application feature to Protect your privacy all around.
  • Compatible to find local apps and drop them to the desktop quickly.
  • The status bar can be customized with iNoty installed

Do you want to download iLauncher 2020 Apk for your Android Phone? Then stay with apkwebs for free download android iLauncher pro apk latest paid version.


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Mega Player Apk Free Download

Mega player apk is a very popular name in the world of entertainment. The app is very much renowned for its multi-features. You cannot believe that this single app can provide a bundle of an offer to yours.

It is a great way to change the experience of your phone life. The mega player app is an Android app, which allows you to watch your local videos as well as online videos. You will be happy to hear that you need not use any other browser to surf online.

Here, you just need to download the amazing app to heal your mind if you are a passionate one. I know, we have a little bit of hidden love for entertainment every day.

Mega player apk free download

It is no matter how busy we are, but we need a sweet touch of entertainment every day. To know the app very well read the features of the app below.


The most amazing feature of the app is its multi-purpose uses. You can use this single app to seek a number of services on your phone.

  • You can watch HD movies from your local storage on this app.
  • Again, you can surf the internet and watch online TV shows, live streaming, and movies.
  • This is a free app. So you are getting the app free without any costs.
  • The latest version of the app has made the interface so beautiful and easy.
  • The app is made for the general people that is why the interface of the is very easy to control.
  • You will have a customization option that is much needed to modify the app.
  • You can download the free original app from the download link given below.


You know this is an Android app. Android users will enjoy the app properly.

  • You need an Android device with a minimum 4.0 Android version. if you have those requirements, the app will perform better.
  • Well, internet connection is needed to surf on the internet and to online movies, streaming, and TV shows.
  • Need enough storage on your phone to save the data of the app.
  • The more ram speed you have, the faster the app will perform.

How to Download & Install?

You cannot find the app in the Google play store. You can download mega player apk download from the download link below free. You have to download the app from the third party of an unknown source. Follow the instruction below to get the app:

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NBA JAM Apk Mod Latest v04.00.74 for Android

NBA JAM– an excellent arcade game for mobile phone. 30 NBA groups – basketball celebrities and favorite stars will play for the victory in this game. In addition, to open the game, there are also 3 hidden players. that can be unlocked during the game. People don’t know who will be it.

NBA JAM APK, with a variety of big players of the NBA p and a variety of funny expression, to allow players to feel the fun 2 VS 2 mode NBA basketball game. People may get the original expression of by this game.

Watching the game one by one NBA players, constantly making a variety of exaggerated and funny dunk action, it is very entertaining. And the amount of players is full of real expression. According to the different stages of the game, they will make a variety of classic expressions.

download nba jam apk


The game does not contain much music, but the performance of the game is very much perfect and the expressions are just awesome. Explain the scene of the narrator makes people very entertained, a variety and good collection of sound effects also have a good performance.

Become the winner of the championship of basketball and lead your team to the title of the best in the game named NBA jam apk cracked for Android.

A qualitative simulator of the basketball game all over the world. In the game, there are 30 NBA teams with various players. In total on a game, there are 4 players. Two players for us two players against but we will operate only one playing team with very attractive combinations the workmate.

NBA Jam Apk Latest Version

File TypeApk
Current Version04.00.74
Size10 MB
UpdatedOctober 7, 2019
Requires Android4.0.3 and up
Developer & Offered ByELECTRONIC ARTS

Paid APK

In general, all texture on NBA JAM paid apk is executed in animation style and it makes a very excellent look and very funny. Also, you can download NBA Jam mod apk for free play. In the game, there is a multiplayer option so you will be able to play against each other locally through wifi and Bluetooth.

This Game needs cache downloading.

Quite simply the greatest console has gone smartphone game ever. However, that is too small a statement. It is perhaps the greatest or top 10 smartphone game ever.


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Busybox Pro Apk Latest Version Free Download

Busybox pro apk is a great tool for android root users. You know the root device has many requirements to run and install several apps. This is that kind of app, which helps you to install and run those apps on your device.

With the amazing features, Busybox apk has become a must-have app for the android root users. You know to root a device is not an easy task. An Android phone carries a bundle of the app that is engaged with the phone or device from the production of the phone.

That is why sometimes you cannot root the device according to your will. In that time, you will have to use the Busybox pro apk latest version. See the amazing features of the app below.

Busybox pro apk


Already you have that it is an Android app used to root the device without any hazards. The most amazing features of the essential app are given below:

  • The app has two versions paid or free. You can use any one of the apps.
  • The free app is very useful to work. So you can use the free app also.
  • It is an ad-free app although you will see ads in the free version.
  • The amazing interface will experience you a broad idea of the root device.
  • The easy options of the app appear on the screen so that anybody could use it frequently.
  • The paid version of the app is very premium. The graphics and ad-free features are the main features of the paid version.
  • You can install or uninstall the app free in your device.
  • The app is available to everyone.
  • You can download the app from the download link below in the website.

Requirements busybox pro apk latest version:

  • As this is an Android app, you must have an android device to install the app.
  • To root the device, you may need an internet connection.
  • Be sure that you have enough storage on your phone to install the app.
  • If you want to install the paid version, you will need a MasterCard.
  • Your android device must have android 4.0 version to work properly. Otherwise, it may not work properly.

Download & Install

You can simply download the app from the download link below the website. If you want to download it from other source follow the instruction below:

  1. Go to your device browser or search option.
  2. Write on the search option “Busybox pro cracked 2020”
  3. You will have many alternatives. Just click on the latest version.
  4. It is downloaded automatically.
  5. Make sure that your third party or unknown source is allowed to install.
  6. Now go to storage and tap on the downloaded file to begin the installation.
  7. Enjoy the ap.

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Du Recorder Apk Free Download 2020

Du recorder apk is an amazing app for recording screen. “Yes,” you have read the correct information that it enables you to record all the things appearing on your display. This is an Android app so the Android users will kill the app.

With a bundle of customization options, Du recorder mod apk has changed the meaning of recording display of the mobile phone. Sometimes it is necessary to record the screen in case of some practical solution, showing something to others, and many more things.

Now you do not need to arrange or buy a camera to capture your screen. Du screen recorder 2020 apk enables you to record the full screen with the resolution frame rate at a while. You just need to download the free app and enjoy the amazing features of the premium app.

Du Recorder Apk Free Download


With the amazing features, the app has already come to the point of many users. Check out the major features of the app.

  • The most attractive feature of the app is that it is free for all. You need not buy the app.
  • The amazing interface of the app has made it easy to understand for general users.
  • You are getting premium features of the app in the free app.
  • The video quality measurement option has made the app more amazing. You can customize the video quality of the app.
  • It is built with several languages. You are able to run the app with your own language.
  • It has no limitation to record the screen. You can record the screen as long as you want.
  • You can store the video data on your storage.

Requirements du screen recorder apk:

To install the amazing app, you have to fill up the requirements at first.

  • This is an Android app. So, you need an Android device at first.
  • The Android version of your device must have at least 4.0.
  • You need an internet connection to download and install the app.

Download & Install

This is a free app. You can download the app simply clicking on the download link below. If want to download the app from other sources, follow the instruction below:

  1. Go to your play store from the home screen of your device.
  2. Go to the search option and write “Du screen recorder”
  3. You will have the latest version of the app. Just tap on the app to begin downloading.
  4. It will be installed automatically on your device.
  5. After installing, make some customization opening the app from the home screen.
  6. Enjoy the app.

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Automatic Call Recorder Pro Apk Free Download

Automatic call recorder pro apk is the most downloaded app from the app store. It is a great tool to record ongoing and outgoing calls. The most interesting fact about the call recorder is that you need not turn on or off always the recorder.

Once you turn on the automatic call recorder, it will record all your calls automatically. Automatic call recorder pro latest version has come into the app store with a new look. The highly designed interface of the app is very suitable to use. You will have all the option on the home screen.

Amazingly, you can store the recorded file into your phone storage. Though the app is free of cost, you will get premium features. By the premium features, you can select the storage option to save the recorded file.

Automatic call recorder pro apk


Automatic call recorder pro 2020 APK is itself is an amazing feature. This is a very essential tool for everyone. Moreover, every kind of people uses the app for its automation quality.

  • Automatic call recorder pro 6.05 apk offers you high audio quality. You can listen to the recorded file just like an mp3 player.
  • It has an interesting interface that looks so easy to use the app. Anyone can use the app in just a glance at the interface.
  • You can record unlimited data by the app.
  • The app provides you the opportunity to store data in the SD card or phone memory.
  • There is a nice option when you are going to receive or call someone. You can reject or accept recording permission.
  • This free app is why everybody can use the app without any cost.
  • The most amazing feature is that you can download the app from Google Play Store.


As this is an Android app you must have an android device to use this amazing app. See the requirement below:

  • Your android device must have minimum Android 4.1
  • Internet connection is needed to download the app.
  • You must have an account in Google Play Store.
  • The device should have enough storage to download the app and install.

If you want to use this app for free then you must have to download automatic call recorder pro apk cracked version from the internet but it’s illegal and risky.

Download & Install

You can simply download the app from the download link below free. Just click on the download link below to begin the amazing call recorder app.

  1. Go to your device home screen.
  2. Find the Google Play Store and enter into the app store.
  3. Now write “Automatic Call Recorder Pro” in the search bar.
  4. You will find the latest version in the Play Store.
  5. Just tap on the app to begin the installation.
  6. After installing, you have to customize the setting.
  7. Enjoy the app.

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Tinder Gold Apk Free Download

Tinder gold is a great platform for the young generation. Though it is being used worldwide by all kinds and aged people. Tinder gold apk mod 2020 is a dating app.

The users of the app are increasing rapidly nowadays. The amazing feature and great speed of the app have made it an essential one. The human being is always fond of beauty.

When you open the app from your home screen, you will see a bundle of beautiful faces wondering in front of your eyes.

tinder gold apk

You know that it is totally free and open to contact those beautiful faces to fix a date to hang out.

App NameTinder Gold
File TypeAPK
Current Version11.6.0
Size40.4 MB
Latest Update25 December 2019
Android Version5.0 and Up


Tinder gold apk is becoming very popular because of its amazing feature. At present, in the age of business people are forgetting to have a friend and chilling out in an open field. This amazing app is providing you that facility.

  • The amazing feature of the app is you are going to have more than 30 million people online. You can choose your partner anytime you want.
  • The app is completely free of costs. You are getting a chance to choose your partner free.
  • This is a mode version of the app that is why you will get premium features free in your phone.
  • As you have to sign in into the app with your Facebook ID or Phone number, you can get unlimited likes.
  • You can use the legal app with the permission of your home country. 
  • The well-designed interface has made the app very interesting. You will see the easy options on the home screen of the app.
  • You can download the app from the download link below.


  1. As this is an android app, you have to have an Android device. You can also use the app in your IOS device. To install the app your device has to have a good android version.
  2. You need a good internet connection.
  3. Next, you need a Facebook ID or Phone number to sign in into the app after installing. 

How to download & Install?

You cannot find the app in the Google Play Store. This is a mod version of the original app tinder apk.

Simply you can download the app from the download link below. If you want to download the app from other sources follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to search bar from your device home screen.
  2. Write tinder gold apk and search.
  3. Now you can see many alternatives. Choose the latest version of the app.
  4. Tap on the app to download.
  5. Go to your storage and tap on the app to begin the installation.
  6. It will be installed automatically.
  7. Open the app from your home screen and sign in.
  8. Enjoy.

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Tinder Plus (tinder++) Apk Free Download

Welcome to the world of social media. Tinder plus apk is the most popular Android app, which is called the largest dating site. You will find a different kind of dating site on the internet. Nevertheless, very few from them you can use at your phone.

Tinder++ app is made for android users. You will find millions of users who are seeking for someone like you. You can choose your suitable partner from the app.

I must say that it is legal to choose your own partner because you are not teasing or forcing anybody to move on with you. 

Tinder plus apk


  • The most amazing feature of the app is that you are going to attach with more than 20 million beautiful people of the world. You can choose your dating partner with your demand and need online.
  • It is super fast to surf. Once you download the app, you will enjoy a fast surfing experience.
  • As you have to sign in on the app with your Facebook account, you are getting a chance to have unlimited likes.
  • It has a good-looking interface that is so easy to understand and use. You will find all the necessary option on the home screen of the app.
  • In case of location, you can change your location according to your will. Actually, you would have a different location and you need a partner. Then you can change the location to get a response from the nearby area.
  • This is free of cost because you are getting the mod version of the original tinder apk.
  • You can download the app from the download link below. 

Tinder Plus free apk can help you to get the most of the features of this android dating app.


  1. To install the app, you must have an android device. If the Android version is old, you would have a little bit of trouble.
  2. Next, you must have a Facebook account or phone number by which you have to sign in on the app.
App NameTinder Plus (tinder++)
File TypeAPK
Size30 MB
Current Version11.6.0
Last Update11 December 2019
Android5.0 and up

How to download and install?

You cannot find the app in the Google play version. It is a mod version of the original app.

You can simply download the app from the download link below. If you want to download from other sources, follow the instruction below:

  1. Go to your device browser and open your Google search bar.
  2. Write tinder plus on the search bar.
  3. You will get many alternatives just click on the latest version.
  4. After clicking the app, it will be download automatically.
  5. When the download is completed, go to your device storage and tap on the app.
  6. It will start installing automatically.
  7. After installing the app, go to the home screen and open the app.
  8. Here you will be asked to create an account.
  9. Create a free account by your Facebook id or phone number.
  10. Enjoy dating.

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